My First Solo Exhibition: “The Games that Took Over”

October 18, 2019

In August 2019 I had my first solo exhibition with Roger Billcliffe Gallery in Glasgow, consisting of 20 new paintings. Find out more about the exhibition on the gallery’s website by clicking here.

Mumble Art recently wrote a piece about their visit to the exhibition. They said of their visit:

“At first glance the images may appear cold and alienating through their lack of human figures occupying these environments. However, on further inspection, the nuanced themes of nostalgia and a distinct care for preserving memory became more apparent. Walking around the gallery I found myself caught studying the small details. Reading the canvases as though they were stories of a time gone by. Glimpses into a mind that has been left abandoned and untouched. Only to be rediscovered, with a renewed sense of care that can only be had at a distance. The viewer is also reminded of the all-consuming power of nature. Claiming dominance above any human intervention on the landscape. And a return to the artificial, as the inevitable gears of change kick into action. The show left me feeling hopeful and satisfied with a new appreciation for the power of contemporary landscape painting.”

You can find their full blog post article on their website by clicking here.